<< Communication Infrastructures of the Korean Chinese communities in Seoul . Research Grant from National Research Foundation of Korea (Principal investigator) 2011- Current

<< Developing a health literacy measure for Korean adults . Research Grant from National Cancer Center, Korea (Co-Principal investigator) 2011-Current

<< New Media Trends in Seoul urban communities . Research Grant from SK-MC (Principal investigator) 2010-Current

<< Digital Divides Among Adolescents in Five East Asian Metropolitan Cities: Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo. Research Grant from City University of Hong Kong and Asia Research Fund (Co-principal investigator) 2009-2010

<< Building a Communication Infrastructure for Storytelling Health Stories: A Community-Based Approach to Improving Health Literacy in the Black Belt Counties in Alabama. Research Grant from the NIH National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparity Export pilot program (Principal investigator) 2006-2007

<< Legacy storytelling online for improving quality of life of palliative care recipients. Research Grant from National Institute of Health. Sub-awarded from Technology Enhancing Cancer Communication (TECC), University of Wisconsin-Madison (Principal investigator) 2005-2006

<< Community Relations: Montgomery Community and Hyundai Motors. Research grant from Hyundai Motors Manufacturing in Alabama (Principal investigator) 2005-2006

<< Metamorphosis Project: Transforming the Ties that Bind Communication Technology and Community Program at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California (Faculty Associate) 1997-2003

<< Health Communication Form. Institute for Communciation and Information Research. College of Communication and Information Sciences. University of Alabama. (Fellow)