Data Science Lab @ YONSEI

Looking for Prospective PhD Students in  Statistics Data Science

Our Mission

To extract value from Big Data by harnessing cutting-edge statistical methods and machine learning algorithms, and to deepen our understanding of Big Data with the goal of providing actionable intelligence to society. The scope of our interest includes, but is not limited to, Bayesian methodology and computation, Bayesian nonparametrics, scalable Bayesian inference, and missing data problems. The Data Science Lab at Yonsei University is looking for fully funded PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Please contact directly Professor Park by email with your resume.


Our Team

Taeyoung Park, PhD


JooYoung Ahn

Graduate RA

Seungmin Seo

Graduate RA

Kyungmin Cho

Graduate RA

Youngmin Cho

Undergraduate RA

Seunghan Lee

Undergraduate RA


Wonho Bae

Data Analyst, SK Wyverns Former Graduate RA

Jia Baek

Manager, Big Data Team, NHIS Former Graduate RA

Seunghyun Min

PhD Student, UCLA Former Graduate RA

Sunghyun Jeong

Post-doc, U of Chicago Former Graduate RA

Youngeun Lee

PhD Student, Northwestern U Former Graduate RA

Hyunju Sohn

PhD Student, U of Washington Former Graduate RA

Byunghwa Park

Manager, NICE Rating Former Graduate RA

Bokgyeong Kang

PhD Student, Penn State U Former Graduate RA

Hongju Park

PhD Student, U of Georgia Former Graduate RA

Youngmi Ji

Manager, SK Telecom Former Graduate RA

Changhwan Lee

Samsung Electronics Former Graduate RA

Jinwon Sohn

Prospective PhD Student Former Graduate RA

Sungkyun Jeong

Samsung Electronics Former Graduate RA

Younghwan Seol

Woori Card Former Graduate RA

Jihyun Lim

Master's Student @ Yonsei Former Graduate RA

Jookyung Lee

Master's Student @ Yonsei Former Graduate RA

Dongyoung Go

Master's Student @ Yonsei Former Graduate RA