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The 30th Medical Imaging Seminar

Date : 18th. SEP. 2012, 16:00

Place : ASTC B/D, #327, Yonsei Univ., SEOUL, KOREA

 Title & Abstract

    MR Microsopy in Biomedical Research

Magnetic resonance (MR) microscopy is a special modality of MRI with an emphasis on high spatial resolution. While its main principle is identical to conventional clinical MRI there are several dierences between the two. The dierences are associated mainly with a use of stronger magnets and ad least an order of magnitude stronger gradients. MR microscopy has numerous interesting applications in material and bio sciences in which high spatial resolution is demanded and long experiment times are allowed. In the lecture, specicities of MR microscopy will be discussed rst. This will be followed by an illustration of the method with few typical MR microscopy applications that were performed at JSI.