Lecture Notes & Presentation Materials
The 30th Medica Imaging Seminar
- Lecture notes
- Simulations
The 29th Medica Imaging Seminar
- Speaker : Prof. Igor Sersa (Laboratory for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia) 
- Title : MR Microsopy in Biomedical Research

- Speaker : Prof. Sung-Hong Park(KAIST) 
                 Prof. Mikyoung Lim(KAIST) 
                 Dr. Ulrich Katscher(Philips Technologie GmbH)
                 Dr. Joonsung Lee(Yonsei University)
                 Dr. Michiro Negishi(Yale University,USA)
                 Prof. Won-Kwang Park(Kookmin University)

Electrical Tissue Property Imaging: From Basics to Applications
- Speaker : Dr. Ulrich Katscher (Philips Technologie GmbH)

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