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Spring of 2017
Ph.D. Program

* (11th semester in M.S./Ph.D. study)
   Aerodynamics, Dynamics, Conrtol and Optimization in Robust Design of Multi-Rotor Air Vehicles

* (8th smester in Ph.D. study)
   Probabilistic Analysis and Design of High Performance Polymer/Plastics under Uncertainties

* 迵 (4th semester in Ph.D. study)
   Engineering Optimization

* (4th semester in Ph.D. study)
   Design Optimization under Uncertainty

* (4th semester in M.S./Ph.D. study)
   Engineering Optimization

* (2nd semester in M.S./Ph.D. study)
   Integrated System Simulation using MODELICA

M.S. Program

* 迵 (3rd semester in M.S. study): Probabilistic Target Cascading in MDO

* ֹȣ (3rd semester in M.S. study): Sensor/Data Fusion in Micro Air Vehicle

* ̼ҿ (2nd semester in M.S. study): Aeroacoustics of Wind Power System

* (1st semester in M.S. study):

* (1st semester in M.S. study):


* (undergraduate senior): Engineering Optimization in Automotive Applications