1. Research Areas 

* Multi-Physics Analysis and CAE
- Strength, Fatigue and Wear, Structural Dynamics, Noise and Vibration
- Fluid-Structure Interactions, Flow-Induced Noise (Aeroacoustics)

* Design Optimization
- Engineering Optimization in Multi-Disciplinary Multi-Physics, Multi-Scale Systems

- Soft Computing (Computational Intelligence) in Intelligent Information System
          - Evolutionary Computing, Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Probabilistic Reasoning
- Quality Engineering Design
          - Probabilistic (Bayesian) and Non-Probabilistic Methods in Uncertainty Quantification
          - Risk, Reliability and Uncertainty
          - Design Tolerance and Parameter Robustness: RO, RBDO, RBRDO

* Design Applications
- Automotive, Machine Mechanism, Home Appliance: Strength, Thermo-Fluid, Noise & Vibration
- Multi-Physics Energy Harvesting (Noise, Vibration & Aerodynamics)
- Unmanned Air Vehicle, Bio-Mimetics in Aero/Hydro Vehicle Design

2. Funded Research Projects 

- Neural Network Based Meta-Modeling of Diesel Engine Combustion/Emission System
- Design Analysis of Micro Thermal Actuators Considering Structural Performance

- Optimal Vehicle Routing Algorithm Considering Road Attribute and Drivers' Preferences

- Optimal Air Bearing Surface Design of Optical Flying Head

- Development of Approximation Methods in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

- Development of Multidisciplinary Design Framework
- Flow Induced Noise Prediction in DVD Drives
- Aeroacoustic Analysis and Design of Pantograph Panhead in High Speed Railway
- Design of Water Jet Nozzle for Cleaning of TFT-LCD Glass
- DOE Based Robust Optimization Considering Design Tolerance and Variation
- Aeroelastic Analysis of Transonic Airfoils Considering Structural Nonlinearity

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