Tae Sup Yun
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tae Sup Yun joined Yonsei University in 2009 followed by two years at Lehigh University. His research scopes include geo-energy engineering in the field of carbon dioxide sequestration, production of gas hydrates, development of sustainable and engineered construction materials, and geo-image processing. Professor Yun devises the hybrid and customized experimental systems to observe the micro- to macro- scale phenomena to meet research needs in conjunction with numerical analysis schemes.

 2009 - Present : Professor in Yonsei University
 2007 - 2009 : P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, USA
 Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
 M.S. Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
 B.S. Geology, Yonsei University


Graduate Students

MedalYoung Jin Kim
Started Spring 2009: B.S. Yonsei University

Young Jin has worked on the thermal characterization of gas hydrate-bearing sediments and now investigates the optimization of geological CO2 sequestration in porous rock. He has an experimental expertise in high pressure systems and fabrication of non-destructive sensing methods.

MedalYeon Jong Jeong
 Started Fall 2011: B.S. Yonsei University

Mr. Jeong studies of anisotropic features in rocks using 3D x-ray computed tomography images and geophysical characterization methods. He specially gained the experimental experiences on thermal measurement of cement-based materials such as lightweight aggregate concretes.

MedalDong Hun Kang
Started Spring 2012: B.S. Yonsei University

Dong Hun started working with Professor Yun since 2010 for network modeling, 3D x-ray computed tomography, and image-processing. He currently focuses on the development of in-house numerical code for multiphase fluid flow in porous media using Lattice Boltzmann method.

MedalHeui-Jean Yang
Started Spring 2013: B.S. Yonsei University

Ms. Yang is involved in behaviors of non-wettable soils. Her current work focuses on soil-water characteristic curves for hydrophobic and hydrophilic soils and the numerical simulation of permeation and drainage in subsurface. Heui-Jean plans to study abroad after she completes her M.S. at GEMS.

Undergraduate Students

MedalDawa Seo
Started Fall 2013: B.S. Expected Yonsei University

Dawa joined GEMS after one year of exchange student program in U.S. She joined GEMS in 2013 as an intern to work on porous paving system (PPS) in urban area to address the global climate change issues. Ms. Seo will extend her research scope to groundwater flow at subsurface and discrete element modeling.

MedalSeong Jun Ha 
Started Spring 2014: B.S. Expected Yonsei University 

Seong-Jun studies the hydraulic stimulation to enhance the pathway of geo-energy fluids. The high pressure experimentation and relevant numerical simulation are within his research scope, co-advised by Dr. Kwang Yeom Kim in the KICT.

MedalHyoung Suk Suh

Started Spring 2014: B.S. Expected Yonsei University 

He explores the quantitative characterization of irregularly shaped aggregates and rock fragments. Application includes the correlation-based estimation of rock properties from geometrical features.


MedalDae Hyun Kim
B.S. and M.S. Yonsei University (Graduated in 2013)

M.S. Thesis: A study of the thermal, electrical and hydraulic conduction phenomena for hydrophobic geo-materials. Dae Hyun completed his M.S. with hydrophilic and hydrophobic sands within the scopes of Evaporation, drainage and permeation, 2D and 3D image processing, and hydraulic and thermal conduction.

MedalJunghwoon Lee
B.S. and M.S. Yonsei University (Graduated in 2013) 

M.S. Thesis: Analysis of thermal and electrical conductivity for rubber mistures considering size ratio. Junghwoon worked for engineered geomaterials such as rubber sand mixtures using hybrid measurement system and discrete element method.

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