CSE Ph.D. Degree Process Map



ؽƮ : Preparation for Thesis ؽƮ : Setting up Research Plan
& Finishing up Thesis
ؽƮ : Turn in the Thesis
ؽƮ : Evaluation of Thesis

Ÿ: Non Pass 


ؽƮ : Pre-evaluation of thesis
ؽƮ : Notification of qualifying exam
(At Early Feb/Aug for Spring/Fall)
ؽƮ : Requirement 1 : publication in SCI-journal, presentation at international/domestic conferences ؽƮ : Research plan has to be submitted one year ahead of expected graduation year. ؽƮ : Turn in the completed six copies of signed thesis
Where : library 2nd floor
- dept. of thesis submission




ؽƮ : Appointment of five committee members
(at least two committee members from outside of the CSE department)
ؽƮ : Evaluation of thesisؽƮ : Requirement 2 : acquisition of required credits, passing of  qualifying/English examsؽƮ : Submission of exam application
(to CSE office one month before)



ؽƮ : Requirement 3 : CSE poster presentation every semester
(the second Friday on Mar/Sep)




ؽƮ : Notification of exam guideline




ؽƮ : Entering an examination



Haeeun Han


ؽƮ : Notification of pass/non-passcsedept@yonsei.ac.kr