Archival Journals (published or in press)

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Archival Journals (under review or in preparation)

H. Choi, and K. Park, 2019, Removing mesh bias in mixed-mode cohesive fracture simulation using element split and stress recovery (under review)

H. Baek, and K. Park, 2019, Adaptive microstructural modeling for dynamic cohesive fracture analysis of composite materials (under review)

K. Park, C.W. Chung, C.J. Lee, and T.H. Kwon, 2019, Investigation of neutron radiation effects on properties of cement paste by using small-angle neutron scattering (under review)

K. Park, H. Chi, and G.H. Paulino, 2019, Numerical recipes on virtual element method for elasto-dynamic explicit time integration (under review)

T.H. Kwon, J. Park, and K. Park, 2019, DIC and speckle pattern quality measurement for application on irradiation testing of tensile specimen (in preparation)

B.M. Kim, H. Baek, and K. Park, 2019, Models for topographic amplification factors using finite element analysis (in preparation)

K. Park, H. Choi, G.H. Paulino, and R.H. Dodds Jr, 2019, Fatigue crack growth using a cohesive zone model (in preparation)

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