Investigation on slice direction dependent detectability of volumetric cone beam CT images


M. Han, S. Park, J. Baek, Optics Express. 24(4), p. 3749-3764. 2016. 2



A Sphere Phantom Approach to Measure Directional Modulation
Transfer Functions for Tomosynthesis Imaging Systems

C. Lee, J. Baek,
IEEE Trans. Med. Img, 35(3), p. 871 - 881. 2016.
Experimental result (12mA X-ray source current). The measured directional MTF from the Teflon sphere phantom at the iso- and offset-center. (a), (b), and (c) are fx-, fy-, and fxy- directional MTFs at the iso-center, respectively. (d), (e), and (f) are fx-, fy-, and fxy- directional MTFs at the offset-center respectively. The mean square error between ideal 3-D MTF and measured directional MTF from Samei's and the proposed method are reported in each figure.
(a) Averaged Pc with 95% confidence interval in the transverse and longitudinal planes. (b) Comparison of task SNR in transverse and longitudinal planes.
Sampled (a) transverse and (b) longitudinal plane images with different sphere sizes from 1 mm diameter (left) to 8mm diameter (right). Unit of the reconstructed values is cm-1 and the display window is [-0.3 0.3]. The image size is 15.2 x 15.2 mm