Welcome to the ICM lab!

Innovative Construction Management (ICM) laboratory studies various managerial issues related to the effective delivery of construction projects.
Specifically, the lab studies 

1) Project Peformance Measure and Benchmarking (프로젝트 성과측정 및 벤치마킹) 
2) Information Technology Implementation (정보통신기술 활용)
3) Productivity (생산성)
4) Construction Safety (건설안전)
5) Integrated Project Delivery and other Project Delivery Methods (IPD 및 프로젝트 발주방식)
6) Other Managerial Issues in the Construction Industry 

Please contact Prof. Youngcheol (Young) Kang (yckang@yonsei.ac.kr) if you are interested in the lab.
Last updated on Oct 14, 2018