Heeseung Choi
Contact Information 

    - Address: 3115 Engineering Building, Computer Science and Engineering,
       Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824


    - Phone: + 1 (517)-355-9319


    - Email:   hschoi(at)msu(dot)edu 


Open Sources

  1) C / C++ / Matlab Codes

-     Peter's MATLAB and Octave Functions for Computer Vision and Image Processing:

    - Matlab Central File exchange - Matlab open source code:
    - MATLAB Functions for Multiple View Geometry:

    - KLT: An Implementation of the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi Feature Tracker:

    - Kalman Filter:

    - LIBSVM - A Library for Support Vector Machines:

    - Donovan Parks' Background Subtraction Library containing seven popular algorithms:

    - Epipolar rectification Kit:

  2) Camera Calibration Toolboxes

    - Caltech Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab:

    - Camera Calibration Toolbox for Generic Lenses:

    - J. Salvi's Evaluation Toolbox for Camera Calibration and Fundamental Matrix Estimation:

  3) OpenCV

    - OpenCV Community in Yahoo:

    - OpenCV Korea (Korean OpenCV Community):

    - OpenCV Wiki-pages:

    - OpenCV Download:

    - OpenCV Documentation:

    - OpenCV Swiki - including xml files for various Haar cascade detectors:

    - Naotoshi Seo - How to use OpenCV haartraining:  
  4) Video Lectures

    - Video Lectures Dot Net:

    - Research Channel:

    - IAPR Education Commitee and Resources:

    - Video Lecture Sites Collected by Ho Gi Jung:

  5) Others

    - Computer Vision Lecture Sites Collected by Ho Gi Jung:

    - UCI Machine Learning Repository - Machine learning data sets:

    - Face Recognition Homepage:

    - Resources for Face Detection:

    - Computer Vision Data Sets (collected by Ciaran O Conaire):

    - CVonline Databases:

    - Video Surveillance Online Repository (VISOR):

    - Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark:

    - The Fundamental Matrix Song: