Research Field

CFD application 

  - Research on energy conversion process and optimal design of environmental facility with CFD. 

  - Computational analysis research of fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion and multiphase flow.
     Clean energy conversion process laboratory 

  Research on elementary technology and eco-friendly process technology for developing bio-fuel and clean-fuel which is highlighted as next generation energy based on CFD and process analysis
    Main research area

 Clean energy conversion process technology
- Research on conversion process technology of bio-energy and bio-fuel using biomass.

- Research on development of elementary technology and system for development of clean energy.

Energy conversion process analysis

  - Research on development of energy conversion process model and analysis method 

  - Research on energy conversion efficiency and energy system analysis

fast pyrolysis system for production of bio-oil
Design for energy conversion process system
Numerical analysis of swimming performance of biomimetic underwater robot by CFD
Analysis of bubbling fluidized bed reactor
Process analysis model of bio crude oil manufacturing equipment